Goin Up on a Tuesday


Hey Hey Hey !
Boy am I tired. Been a full day at the office and though I am happy to be home ot doesnt stop for me here.

Ive decided to go back to uni, and with that i added Education as a major to my psych degree as if thats not hard enough. Sooo im going to be completely swamped.

Im just looking forward to Midnight so I can sleep.

Enough of me rambling on here, books be calling my name.

Love you
Happy 1st Semester



I have two video posts that I am working on uploading. Please be extra patient with me as I try and figure it out and whenever WordPress decides to be nice.

Love K.Jo

Skincare 101


Happy Friday Lovers :):)

Sooo happy its finally the weekend. I technically have one more working day but I’m still excited.

Anyway lets get into it…..
I went late night shopping yesterday and restocked some of my faves from January. I went and bought new Formula 10.0.6 cosmetics.


I have been beyond obsessed with this brand. Its soooo perfect and smells super amazing too.

I walked around for about an hour looking for the lush booth.And then I finally found it and bought the best lip scrub ever.


This scrub tastes as amazing as feels. I don’t think you’re supposed to eat it but I couldn’t help it🙆.

last but not least I picked up a value pack of face wipes. Cannot go wrong.

So that was my little haul of skincare products. If you get to try them out let me know and leave comments/suggestions below of your January faves

Love K. Jo 💋❤

Mama It’s Cold Outside


The past 2 days have been nothing but rain and a slightly cold wind prevented me from even considering to go outside.

I had planned over the weekend to visit the Japanese Gardens in my area but the rain has not let up. So my posts for the week have been put on hold.   I really do hope that we get some sunshine soon because I’ve been wanting to visit a few places and actually have content to write about.

So what does one do to pass time?
I watched a total of 7 old school movies and ate a whole punnet of grapes. I went online shopping and bought some new skincare products  (posting about them soon) and like any normal girl painted my toe nails and read a book.

Im not complaining about the rain though, it was very much needed but I would like it to stop now.

If you do read this, let me know of some cool ideas that you would love to see me blog about, or just even try.

Blessings & Love

Whats for dinner!!!


Spicy Lamb Curry and Spinach Rice

I dont have a recipe for this because I made it from the ingredients in my kitchen but that’s how you learn and create amazing meals.


1 bag of spinach
200g diced lamb
2 Potatoes diced
2 cups of rice
1 stock cube
1/4 coconut cream
1 packet of tomato paste
1/2 tsp curry powder
1 tsp chilli powder
Salt and pepper for seasoning.

Firstly brown the meat and then add the potatoes. When you have caramelized the meat and potatoes add the spices and let them cook.
Add tomato paste and mix through.
Add half of the coconut cream and let it simmer.



For the rice, in a non stick pan add butter and salt and let it melt.
Add 2 cups of rice and fry it off.
Add any type of spice to flavor the rice  ( i added morrocan spice)
Let cook for about 5 minutes, then add water. Cover the rice and let cook for 11 minutes stirring occasionally.
When the water has evaporated, check for texture and then add chopped spinach.
Cover for 2 more minutes whilst off heat.


Serve on a plate or bowl
Enjoy :):)