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Firstly I want to apologize for abandoning you all. It was that time in the year were I could not find time to do anything else but study. Now that Exam results have come out and I’m quite pleased with mine; you now have my full attention.

Before I get into all the fun things, I just want to update you all on a few things.

In November I started a clean month, that meant no junk food and more exercise. I am pleased to announce that as a result I lost one dress size and attained cleaner and smoother skin.
It was the most difficult yet easy task of my life.
I moved back in with mum and in the beginning it was tough and didn’t really bother trying to make it work. But now I guess it’s kinda cool haha

2014 is only 22 days away and with that in mind, I am hoping to revamp the blog. Get a new color scheme and set up a more interactive platform.

Happy Holidays. I hope you’re all safe, enjoy the summer.

Maliizoe 💋❤️

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Fashion is my addiction. blogging helps me feed my obsession

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